How it works!

How it works!

I would like to reach out to women who need a guiding light just a little inspiration in a time of darkness and unsureness. How that’s done?  We are campaigning with the website’s social media pages. Speaking at women’s shelters, rehab centers, and basically, anywhere a beautiful soul could use some help.

What we are asking is for some of you amazing strong women who have been through these challenges in writing me your story!! We will then print it and send it with the journals to whomever it fits with or who you might choose!!

Right now we have a featured story on our blog and I would really like to have more and revolve the content often as possible to reach the hearts of women who struggle in all areas.

We are in the early stages and right now our donations are going towards purchasing these beautiful personally designed journals. As of right now, I have beautiful journals donated to start the process.

Donations for the journals can be sent to a random woman who has reached out to us or a beautiful person in your own life as a surprise and uplifting experience.

A lot of funds will need to go for logistics and brochure mailing the cost of advertising all of what it will take to light this amazing earth up and connect us, women, all over the globe!!! Let’s stand together and make this time a better time for women to heal and feel safe on our planet!

Fundraise to help and empower women.

Join us on a journey of self-empowerment. What does your donation bring? The healing and empowerment of sharing our written stories with other women who are suffering and feeling alone with the same struggles we have already overcome. Sometimes we have no idea the relief and joy someone can feel from relating to them with our own personal experiences. We send inspiration in the form of journaling our own life lessons, and a platform for others to write through their pain. We provide travel to build self-esteem and, sometimes, a wonderful spa day to help her see her own worth the way Transforming Tumbleweeds does. Every single penny is a blessing and you can help us build a beautiful world where all women feel safe and significant. You can also donate to this unique cause by sharing your own valuable insights and stories. We are lighting up the stars one beautiful, empowered woman at a time!

Your Donations Help Victims Of Domestic Violence Find A Safe Haven.

At Transforming Tumbleweeds, we not only share stories of survivors but help women who are vulnerable and who are victims of domestic violence find a safe haven. By donating, you can help stop the cycle of abuse and help those that need it the most!

Our Vision

Our vision is a world where women do not feel alone with their struggles, where they feel empowered, where their voices are heard, and they are worth love and kindness – even from a complete stranger.

Our Mission

We empower women to heal who can then empower other women

Our Purpose

Our mission is to empower women’s healing through the sharing and writing of their stories. To understand that they do not need someone else to fix them – they are not broken. They deserve love and respect regardless of their past or current circumstances.

Story behind Transforming Tumbleweeds LLC

Have you ever made a huge mistake in your life and hoped that it would benefit somebody else? Or maybe you have gone through some extremely difficult situations and you made it out the other side, and now you’d like to reach your hands out to help somebody out. This is Transforming Tumbleweeds! My life experiences and mistakes have inspired me to lift other women who struggle. To help them see their value and find their voice. Let my mess be your blessing.

Please help me share and grown this vision. Donate if you can or share with your friends. Please provide thoughts and feedback.

This is my love. My passion. We are all in it together.

Jackie Rubio – Founder of Transforming Tumbleweeds LLC

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