Meet the Board –

My name is Jackie Rubio and I am president and co-founder of Transforming Tumbleweeds. I am a 46-year-old woman who has, on many occasions, not so graciously rose from the ashes both literally and figuratively. I FEEL COMPELLED to help any woman who is struggling with an array of traumas, emotions, and life circumstances by sharing my story. I keep saying my mess is someone’s blessing but what I now realize is I have come through the fire so much that I am a blessing, not a lesson.

Please allow me to fill my life’s purpose by helping women connect, grow and heal.

Jess Thompson


My name is Jess Thompson and I am co-founder of Transforming Tumbleweeds. I am 38 years young. A mother, sister, daughter, friend. I am a survivor of domestic violence. I am a powerful woman that desires to help every other woman see her power.

It is my vision to lift women as a collective, help them balance and nourish all areas of their circle of life, and to help them see a life beyond their darkness. To unite women worldwide in a safe, supporting, loving connection that nurtures the power of femininity as a collective.