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Fundraise to help and empower women. Join us in a journey of self-empowerment. What does your donation bring? The healing and empowerment of sharing our written stories with other women who are suffering and feeling alone with the same struggles we have already overcome. Sometimes we have no idea the relief and the joy someone can feel from our own experiences. We send inspiration in the form of journaling our own life lessons and a platform for others to write through their pain. We provide travel to build self-esteem and sometimes just a wonderful spa day for a beautiful woman to help see her own worth the way Transforming Tumbleweeds see her. Believe me when I say every single penny is a blessing and you can help us build a beautiful world where all women feel safe and significant. You can also donate to this unique cause by sharing your own valuable insights and stories. We are lighting up the stars one beautiful empowered woman at a time!

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